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Instrument Services

Whether your guitar (or other instrument) needs repair, restringing, rewiring or a complete rebuild, we are fully equipped and have the trained personnel on site to take care of what you need.


Island Music offers group classes and individual/private music lessons. Learn from some of the most experienced teachers in the area with lessons on guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo and mandolin.

Our educational efforts don’t stop there - we conduct seminars and classes on subjects such as songwriting, the Nashville Numbering System, synthesizer programming, home recording and more.

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Island Recorders is a full-featured recording studio with a great selection of vintage guitars as well as keyboards, drums and percussion. Our space includes a control room and two isolated live rooms.

We're equipped to do everything from converting multiple recording formats to full video production with multi-tracked audio.

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Sound Reinforcement

Island Music offers sound system design, installation, troubleshooting and service. We can design and install a sound system for your venue from scratch, or troubleshoot and service your existing setup.


Need a PA for the weekend, or a full sound system and backline for your festival or event? Island Music can accommodate you. Call today and let us know what you need.

Island Music also provides long-term rentals for school band and orchestra instruments